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Bow Wow Salmon Jerky 150g

Bow Wow Salmon Jerky 150g

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Bow Wow Beef Jerky is a complete pet food for all dogs.

Improves pet's training & learning ability.

Low fat, low salt, and low calorie product

Contains abundance o high quality protein or good digestion and absorption

Moist product processed by sanitary equipment with careful selection of pure natural materials (fresh meat)

Addition to a medicine in order to restraint from the smell of feces

Addition to composite amino acids medicine for improvement of liver function

Sanitary and safe/sterilized by high temperature

Slight aromatic smell of cooked fresh meat

Sizes Available: 90g


Fresh Beef Meat (from Australia and New Zealand), Tuna, Wheat meal, Soy Bean Meal, Seasoning, Vitamin and Minerals etc.