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Aatas Cat Fresh Beads Deodorizer Baby Powder (450g)

Aatas Cat Fresh Beads Deodorizer Baby Powder (450g)

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Aatas Cat Fresh Beads are created using a non-toxic formula that utilizes deodorization and moisture absorption to neutralize unpleasant odors.

Odor Control – With the great deodorization and the moisture absorption rate per individual bead, this product is capable of handling even the worst cat litter odors.

Dust Free – The beads in this product are 97% dust-free, which makes it safe for the respiratory systems of both you and your pets.

Non-toxic – Most importantly, this product is non-toxic which makes usage and exposure to be safe for both pets and humans.


Bentonite, Zeolite, Fluff pulp, Deodorant

Direction of use:-

  1. Sprinkle the beads on your cat litter. The strength and longevity of the deodorizer depends on your environment and your pet’s litter usage.
  2. When the fragrance begins to fade, simply add new deodorant beads.

Precaution This product is only for cat litter usage, do not use this product for other purposes. Do not continue to use the product if your cat(s) are not able to adapt to its fragrant properties. This product is strictly not for consumption.

Storage instruction Store in a cool dry place. Ensure packaging is sealed after use. Keep out of reach of children.