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Animedx DiarrheaFix Pet Supplements 100ml

Animedx DiarrheaFix Pet Supplements 100ml

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DiarrheaFIX is specially formulated to relieve non-infective diarrhea for cats and dogs. It consists of a combination of kaolin and pectin. Pectin detoxifies and coats the intestine to relieve the irritation, discomfort, and cramping associated with non-infective diarrhea. Kaolin slows down the passage of feces while eliminating toxins.

Helps firm up loose stools
Absorbs and helps remove toxins and poisons from the intestinal tract
Helps relax and slow down the movement of inflamed intestines to normal rates
Comes in great tasting oral suspension

Net Contents: 100ml

Per 5ml contains:
Kaolin - 967mg
Pectin - 45mg

In palatable liquid base
Flavoring and permitted color added