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AvianLab Shama 250g

AvianLab Shama 250g

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Avian Lab LLP is a recently formed company owned by three close friends, Jeffery Low, Dr Hsu Li Chieh and Ronald Thia, to formulate and to market species specific complete avian pellets for songbirds kept by hobbyists in the Asian region. With the combined experience of over a century in avian husbandry, it is our hope to be able to bring this hobby to a higher level through our scientific approach towards the much needed improvements in their captive diets. After more than half a decade of ongoing discussions, research and trials, we are proud to announce that our first and also our flagship product, AviDiet Shama, is now ready to be launched.

AviDiet Shama was formulated through extrapolating relevant information from scientific studies on avian nutrition, observing recommended guidelines by recognised authorities and combining these with our species specific knowledge of the White-rumped Shama gained through the years. It is adequately fortified with the necessary vitamins and minerals and carefully balanced in the essential amino acids. Based on our experience and with our understanding of the digestive system of the shama, the ingredients are carefully chosen for digestibility and bioavailability.

AviDiet Shama pellets are processed by a feed mill in Thailand with good credentials. The feedmill is GMP certified according to Codex Alimentarious (an international standard implemented and recognised by FAO and WHO). With their team of experienced formulation experts and nutritionists behind us, we are very confident of the product quality and consistency.