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Bow Wow Cheese Roll (Cheese + Chicken) 120g

Bow Wow Cheese Roll (Cheese + Chicken) 120g

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Features: Bow Wow Cheese Roll is a soft and nutritious treat for your dog! It is rich in protein and low in fat, salt and calories and helps support absorption and digestion.

- Low fat, salt and calorie content

- Rich in protein

- Supports absorption and digestion

Made in Korea

Ingredients: Cheese, Salmon, Fish, Wheat, Soybean dietary fiber (a bean cake), Composite amino acids and the rest.


Crude Protein(minimum) 15%

Crude Fat(minimum) 2.0%

Ca(minimum) 0.1%

P(maximum) 0.9%

Crude Ash(maximum) 6.0%

Crude Fiber(maximum) 5.0%

Size: 120 grams