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Doggyman Chicken Breast Rolled Sticks 9 Sticks

Doggyman Chicken Breast Rolled Sticks 9 Sticks

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*Additives free series : do not contain preservatives, coloring agent, coloring former or anti-oxidant.

*Fish and cartilage based hard stick rolled with chicken breast made this product rich in protein and low in fat.

*Contains collagen, glucosamine and chondroitin to maintain the joint health.

*The perfect companion for your fur-friend while you are gone for work or etc.

*Your fur-friend can enjoy both the chicken and it's crispy texture.

Chicken (breast, fillet, cartilage), corn starch, flour, fish (white fish, cartilage), sugar, sorbitol, potassium lactate, minerals (sodium), phosphate (Na), seasoning