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Marukan Freeze Dried Apple for Small Animals 10g (ML83)

Marukan Freeze Dried Apple for Small Animals 10g (ML83)

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Marukan freeze dried apple has all the goodness of fresh apple. Freeze dried that naturally preserved the health giving nutrients in every bite. Freeze drying process removes moisture of food, so your pet will enjoy its flavor and nutrients. Polyphenols contained in apples protect healthy and beautiful skin. Preservatives and coloring agents are not added, and sugar is not used, so it is safe and secure. A communication snack that is easy to give from your hands. [Freeze-dried manufacturing method] Even small animals that tend to get hungry can be given the same flavor and nutrition without worrying about taking too much water.


  • Small animals such as rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, squirrels, chinchillas
  • Freeze dried
  • Natural
  • No artificial sugar & colorings added 

Ingredients: Apples

Product Analysis: Crude protein...0.4%, Crude fat....0.8%, Crude fiber....8.7%

Feeding Guidelines:

Serve as a treat or snacks. Ensure adequate amount of fresh and clean water at all times.