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Psittacus Mini Hand Feeding Formula 510g Parrot Bird Feed

Psittacus Mini Hand Feeding Formula 510g Parrot Bird Feed

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This follow-on hand-feeding formula is ideal for hand-rearing small sized parrot species from the moment when the first neonatal phase finishes. For instance, in cockatiels this would be when the bird is two weeks old.

It is specially designed for species of the genera Melopsittacus, Nymphicus, Agapornis, Neophema, Eolophus.

Daily intake ranges between 7-10 ml of formula per 100 g of bodyweight during each feeding session. The number of feeding sessions per day depends on the parrot’s age and species.

Its use is recommended until the chicks have fledged. During weaning phase, it should be gradually replaced with dry adult food.

For younger animals under a week old we recommend Psittacine Crop Milk initially, and then a mix of both formulas until ringing.

Analytical constituents: Crude protein 21.5 %, Crude fat 10.0 %.