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Vetafarm Avicare Disinfectant 500ml Parrot Bird Care

Vetafarm Avicare Disinfectant 500ml Parrot Bird Care

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Key Features:
Hospital B grade disinfectant. Instantly kills bacteria, viruses and fungi on contact. Is effective in up to 20% organic matter – perfect for disinfection in dirty situations.
Completely safe for all birds, environments and equipment.

Recommended For:
Use as a safe and effective disinfectant cleanser for all situations that require a high level of hygiene, such as brooders, incubators, hospital cages and for disinfection of equipment.

Ready to Use: Remove gross contamination (e.g. faeces, leftover food, bedding, etc.) spray with Avicare, allow 5 minutes for disinfection to
occur and then use as normal.

Active Constituents:
Benzalkonium chloride, Sulfamic acid.

Ready to use:
16.9Fl.oz/500mL Spray Pack (Item #00014)

3.4Fl.oz/100mL (Item #00012)
16.9Fl.oz/500mL (Item #00013)
1.3US gal/5L (Item #00015)
6.5US gal/25L (Item #00122)

3 years from the date of manufacture.

Store below 30°C.