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Vitakraft Life Wellness for Rabbits 600g

Vitakraft Life Wellness for Rabbits 600g

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This high-quality pampering blend of many delicious ingredients for your pet rabbit is not only a unique experience of taste and smell - it also includes an Omega 3+6 beauty complex for a healthy, shiny coat! 
The soothing mix with petals, chamomile and parsley contains essential vitamins and minerals, and a healthy amount of fiber for optimal abrasion of the teeth and a light and healthy digestion.

With cereals, vegetables and fruit
Refined with aromatic flower petals
With essential vitamins and minerals
Tasty Flavour: aromatic fragrance With
With Omega 3+6 beauty complex
Healthy amount of crude fiber
Sugar-free Recipe
Free from artificial colors
Without preservatives

Vegetable by-products (grass, dried 25%, alfalfa 4%), Grain 30.7%, Vegetables 20.5%, Fruits 6%, Parsley dried 3%, Seeds (linseed 2.5%), Petals 0.7%, Chamomile 0.5%, Minerals, Oils and fats (canola oil 0.02%)

Nutritional Analysis: 
Vitamin A (E672) 6000 IU, Vitamin D3 (E671) 600 IU, Iodine (E2) 4.97 mg, Manganese (E5) 39.98 mg, Zinc (E6) 19.99 mg